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Mets release 14 minor leaguers

WIth the minor league season over, the Mets due some organizational tidying.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets released 14 minor leaguers, including 2010 4th round pick Cory Vaughn and 2010 11th round pick Adam Kolarek. The other twelve players released were Branden Kaupe, Jeff Glenn, Julian Hilario, Manuel Hilario, Zach Mathieu, Anthony Chavez, Leon Canelon, Ruben Reyes, Oswald Caraballo, William Fulmer, Jose Figueroa, and Alvin Maracaro.

Vaughn is easily the most notable of these names. The 26 year old outfielder (son of former big leaguer Greg Vaughn) dominated the low levels of the minors with the Mets and even posted a 114 wRC+ with Double-A in 2013. However, his development has stalled since, as he's failed to produce even league-average results the over the last seasons at Double-A and Triple-A.

Kolarek also showed some big league promise as recently as 2013, when he posted a 1.71 ERA in Double-A, flashing some potential as a side-arming LOOGy. However, his results were much worse in 2014 and 2015 at the same level, giving the Mets enough evidence to move on from the 26-year-old lefty.

None of these players were anything more than organizational fodder, and it's highly unlikely the Mets will be burned by another team picking any of them up in the future. Still, with the combination of trades, promotions, and the recent cuts, the minor league recaps are going to feature an almost entirely new slate of names in 2016.