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Current and former MLB players react to Chase Utley's slide

Most thought it was a dirty slide. Some did not.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

In the bottom of the seventh inning of tonight's 5-2 Mets loss to the Dodgers, Chase Utley took out Ruben Tejada with a slide that we can charitably describe as having questionable intent. Tejada was crashed into violently and left the game on a stretcher with his leg in a stabilizing cast. We quickly learned that x-rays were positive and that Tejada would miss the rest of the postseason with a broken fibula.

The resulting play was confusing to all involved. Utley was originally ruled out, but an umpire replay overturned the call on the field and Utley returned to second base, soon to score the go-ahead run. Here's the play in case you haven't seen it yet.

Whether or not this was a neighborhood play, or whether Tejada touched the bag, is not really what's at stake. The salient question is whether baseball wants to continue allowing—or in some cases encouraging—deliberately injurious slides like this to continue. Current and former players reflexively adjudicated the matter on Twitter.

Pedro Martinez nails it.

Current Mets Anthony Recker and Logan Verrett are not at all pleased.

And former SNY field reporter Kevin Burkhardt agrees.

Jose Reyes, a shortstop who has seen his share of dirty slides, thought it was a weak slide.

Ditto former Mets infielder Alex Cora.

Former big league catcher Jose Molina didn't like the play.

A's pitcher Sean Doolittle thinks the rulebook needs to be amended.

Justin Upton had the tweet of the night. Home plate collisions were banned because of what happened to Buster Posey.

Meanwhile, Jerry Hairston thought it was "clean" and "hard nosed."

Tony Gwynn Jr. thought it was fine.

And for the capper, naturally, Shane Victorino thinks it's a great play.