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Mets playoffs: Matt Reynolds replaces Tim Stauffer on Mets' 40-man roster

The Mets have to shuffle some things to bring up the shortstop prospect.

Details are trickling in about about Matt Reynolds's big league debut. The prospect shortstop has never played in a Major League Baseball game but will now be in the Mets' dugout for the rest of the NLDS.

We know that he'll wear 56 on his jersey. He'll also be replacing Tim Stauffer—whose Mets career has seemingly come to an end—on the 40-man roster.

Stauffer was signed by the Mets on August 1 after having been released by the Minnesota Twins a month and a half earlier. he appeared in five games for the Mets—5.2 innings of work total—and registered an ERA of 7.94. Batters were hitting .333 against him with an OPS of 1.032.

In Stauffer's first Mets appearance, on September 13, he surrendered three hits and two earned runs against the Atlanta Braves in over an inning of work.  He was used as a mop-up reliever after that.

Reynolds is replacing Ruben Tejada, who will miss the rest of the postseason with a fractured right fibula after being hit by a Chase Utley slide in Saturday's Game 2.