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Mets playoffs: Mets fans boo Chase Utley loudly during pregame introductions

What kind of welcome did Mr. Utley get in Queens tonight? Not the warmest.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

During pregame introductions before tonight's NLDS Game 3 between the Mets and the Dodgers—the first ever postseason game at Citi Field and the first Mets playoff game anywhere since 2006—Mets fans gave local pariah Chase Utley the business. Unleashing two days' worth of bitterness and resentment, boos rained down from the Citi Field crowd. A couple of fans in attendance caught the response on video, which we present here for your (repeated) viewing pleasure.

On the Mets' side, Ruben Tejada, walking with a Mets-branded cane, received the biggest ovation of anyone. He'll miss the remainder of the playoffs with a broken fibula, but clearly the Mets and their fans have him in their hearts.