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"#THIS: An Amazin' run continues!" Mets NLDS game 5 highlights video

MLB created another video for the Mets, commemorating their NLDS victory over the Dodgers!

MLB's #THIS campaign has created Mets highlight videos on multiple occasions throughout their magical 2015 season, beginning with Wilmer Flores' walk-off home run on July 31st, along with when the Mets clinched the National League East division title with a win over the Reds. Well, we've got another one to share with you and it features Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Daniel Murphy, and Jeurys Familia helping the Mets clinch a Game 5 NLDS victory over the Dodgers last night.

Complete with commentary from WOR announcers Howie Rose and Josh Lewin, this video sums up last night's victory quite well, along with showcasing the brilliance of both Rose and Lewin. These videos are fun but the only thing we ask is that we get them for Mets NLCS and World Series victories, too. Hopefully that's not too much to ask for!