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Jerry Seinfeld celebrates Mets NLDS victory with a cat

It's okay, we'll ignore that Jerry called them "Division Champions".

As the Mets keep winning ballgames, we begin to see more and more of the celebrity Mets fans show their faces. In the case of Jerry Seinfeld, however, we know that the comedian is a pretty big fan with or without the team's success. He's showed up in the booth to chat with Gary, Keith, and Ron a couple of times the last few years. You see him from time to time at Citi Field taking in a ballgame. His love for the Mets appears pretty strong.

Still, it's fun to see him react in sheer celebration just like the rest of us. After the victory last night, Jerry posted a selfie on his Facebook page wearing a Mets Postseason hat and glasses. His face is also clearly unshaven, which is odd to see given his tv character's penchant for shaving his chest in that one episode. Here you can see him posing with his cat and a girl who I'm assuming is his daughter.

Division Champions!!!!!!!

Posted by Jerry Seinfeld on Thursday, October 15, 2015