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Cubs Twitter account digitally defaces Citi Field in Snapchat pic, we strike back

We're not going to accept that garbage being brought into the Mets home, no siree, Bob!

Now that it's closing in on game time for the opener of the National League Championship Series between the Mets and the Cubs, the internet is starting become just a bit more hostile. We say "just a bit" because how hostile can you really be when you're editing pictures of the opposing team's baseball stadium on Snapchat? Not all that hostile, frankly. Regardless, this is what happened about an hour ago, when the Cubs sent out a quick tweet to promote their Snapchat account to their fanbase on Twitter:

Disgusting. Gross. Vomitorious! See, I even created a new word to describe this abomination. With the Mets deciding not to respond to this awfulness, I decided to take it into my own hands and what better way than to fight fire with fire. The Cubs want to deface Citi Field? Well then I will happily deface Wrigley Field!

Mess with the home of the Mets at your own peril, Cubs.