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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 148: NLCS Game 1: The Dark Knight: Master Ace

Now with 50% more colons in the title and recorded on 50% less sleep.

The Mets won Game 1 of the NLCS behind a sterling performance by Matt Harvey, and Jeffrey and Steve are hear to talk about it in Episode 148 of Amazin' Avenue Audio. Not at the bar where they were watching the game (Jeffrey's phone died), but several hours later when we were all very sleepy. "Let's do it in ten minutes" was the off-air directive, so of course enjoy thirty minutes of discussion on Harvey shoving, Familia freezing, Murph murphing, Beltran playoff stat reading, and general incoherent babbling. Up the Night Owls!

As always, you can listen or subscribe to the podcast through iTUNES, find us on the stitcher app, listen through the embedded player below, or download the podcast directly from Blog Talk Radio.

And don't forget you can e-mail the show at, and we'll be on Sunday (or, sigh, early Monday Morning) for a Game 2 recap. Unlike Jeurys Familia, we won't be getting a blow.

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