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Mets playoffs: Daniel Murphy homers again, this time off Jake Arrieta in Game 2


Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

I'm coming around to the increasingly plausible theory that we're living in a simulated universe of Daniel Murphy's design. The free agent to be followed up David Wright's first-inning RBI double with his second home run of the NLCS, this one a two-run shot off Cy Young candidate Jake Arrieta.

Murphy's performance this postseason has been remarkable. He's become the most difficult out on the Mets, so much so that the Cubs intentionally walked him in the bottom of the third so they could instead face Yoenis Cespedes. Read that sentence again and then tell me if you don't think we're living in some mind-bending alternate reality. I've taken to calling it the Murphitverse, which is like the multiverse except that in all of the infinite possible universes Daniel Murphy is the best baseball player conceivable.

Check out Murphy's first-inning home run below. It's not often that a non-power hitter will grant an adoring crowd a curtain call in the first frame of a playoff game, but here we are.