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Mets playoffs: How key players have fared at Wrigley Field

Jacob deGrom has had a rough go of it, but the team's two hottest hitters have thrived.

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The NLCS moves to Wrigley Field tonight, a place where the hometown Cubs won 51 of 84 games this year, including wins over the Cardinals in both of their NLDS home games. The Mets, on the other hand, have played only slightly better than .500 baseball on the road, winning 43 of 84 away from Citi field, including a 2-1 road record in the NLDS. While the jury is still out on how much weight should be put on home-field advantage, there are few stadiums that have as distinct a feel as Wrigley Field. Let's take a look at how some key Mets players have fared over their careers in the National League's oldest stadium.

Tonight's starter, Jacob deGrom, has started twice in Wrigley Field, lasting only five innings in each start. The right-hander allowed 10 hits and eight runs over those 10 innings, striking out eight and walking seven, while allowing three home runs. Needless to say, deGrom will look to improve upon just about all of those numbers in his third career start on Chicago's north side.

While Game 4 starter Steven Matz has yet to start in Chicago, potential Game 5 starter Matt Harvey has fared very well in his two Wrigley Field starts. Over 14.1 innings, Harvey has struck out 15 and walked only two, allowing two earned runs on eight hits. In those two games, Harvey held Cubs hitters to a .424 OPS.

On the offensive side, the most impressive Wrigley Field splits go to Daniel Murphy and Curtis Granderson, who also happen to be the team's two best hitters this postseason. In 18 career games, Murphy has hit .369/.406/.631 with four home runs in 69 plate appearances. Granderson has been almost as good during his 13 games, hitting .354/.421/.563 with one home run and three triples over 57 plate appearances. Granderson was raised in a southern suburb of Chicago, but grew up a Braves fan.

The ugliest career numbers among Mets players in Wrigley Field belong to Michael Cuddyer, who has reached base only five times in 21 plate appearances, with a .449 OPS over five games. In 21 games, David Wright has hit .260/.366/.416 with three home runs. Yoenis Cespedes's next game at Wrigley Field will be his first.

While different stadiums each have their own park factors, make sure to take all of these numbers with a huge grain of Chicago-style salt, which may or may not even be a real thing.