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Mets playoffs: Daniel Murphy homers in fifth straight postseason game

There are no words.

Elsa/Getty Images

For the fifth straight playoff game Daniel Murphy has hit a home run, this time off of Kyle Hendricks in the top of the third inning of NLCS Game 3. The streak ties an MLB postseason record held by Carlos Beltran in his otherworldly 2004 playoff run.

The home run was Murphy's sixth of the 2015 playoffs and the first to center field. Murphy hit 14 home runs in 130 regular season games, so the six in eight playoff games is a slightly better pace. Most importantly, the blast gave the Mets a 2-1 lead over the Cubs. Jacob deGrom struggled in the first inning, throwing 29 pitches and allowing baserunners a plenty. He managed to limit the damage to a Kyle Schwarber home run to left field, which was hit on a pitch nearly a foot outside.

Whatever happens the rest of the way in October, and whatever comes of Murphy and his involvement with the Mets after the season, those things can wait. Let's just try to enjoy this unprecedented power surge.