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Mets website accidentally(?) advertises National League Champions gear before game four begins

Do you believe in jinxes? Is somebody trying to jinx the Mets? Are the Mets just really, really confident?

Baseball fans believe in jinxes. Not this baseball fan, mind you. But the great majority seem to, at least if our Facebook Page is an accurate method of judging. So if you happen to fall into jinx believer category, you're probably going to cringe at this screenshot taken from the Mets' official website earlier this afternoon.

That's right, it's official National League Champions gear that the Mets are promoting before they actually won the NLCS. Watching the game now, you're probably feeling a little better since it's 6-0 Mets in the fourth inning as we write this. If you believe in jinxes, maybe a win will help you to let go of that belief. Or maybe you have some other excuse for why this wasn't a jinx.

Either way, I will say I do abide by the "don't buy Division Champions/National League Champions" gear. Not a fear of jinxes or anything, I just want to own the World Series stuff.