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Mets playoffs: Video highlights from the Mets' NLCS Game 4 victory over Cubs

Re-live the magic from the Windy City as the Mets advance to the World Series.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Mets completed a sweep of the Cubs to secure a spot in their fifth World Series. It was as close to a laugher as a playoff game can be, and from the first inning on this was the Mets’ night. Starter Steven Matz didn’t need to overpower, and looked far better than the 4.2 innings pitched will look in the box score of the Sports Almanac.

Let’s watch some of the magic!

In the first inning, Lucas Duda took Cubs starter Jason Hammel deep for a three-run bomb.

One batter later, Travis d’Arnaud got in on the action, going back-to-back in the first inning for the first time in Mets playoff history.

In case the raw video footage isn’t awesome enough, here is MLB Network’s Statcast on both dingers.

Even if the Mets had forfeited their at-bats for the rest of the game, the four-run first inning would have been enough to win the game, but they didn’t quit there. In the second inning, Duda continued to bust out of his mini-slump with a two-run double off of reliever Travis Wood.

In the third, the oddest scene of the game happened when Cubs catcher David Ross forgot the count mid-at-bat, and tossed the strike-two ball to a fan before having to retrieve it and continue the inning. LOLCubs!

Matz struggled in the fourth, and if it wasn’t for David Wright’s leaping grab the game might have been much, much closer.

Overall, Matz got out of trouble consistently, and would have probably gone deeper if not for a misplay by Daniel Murphy in the fifth inning.

Matz eventually gave way to Bartolo Colon, who got the win by getting through an inning and a third of hitless ball.

All of that would be prologue, however, to Daniel Murphy’s seventh home run of the post season, and sixth game in a row with a dinger.

That was the final nail in the Cubs’ coffin, but we still got to see Jeurys Familia close out the game with a strikeout of Dexter Fowler.

We have nearly a week to get psyched up for the World Series, so keep watching these videos. See ya Tuesday!