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Mets infielder Daniel Murphy is the 2015 National League Championship Series MVP

As if it could be anybody else on the Mets roster.

Elsa/Getty Images

It's official, Mets fans: second baseman Daniel Murphy was named the NLCS Most Valuable Player after an unconscious four game series against the Cubs.

After an impressive series against the Dodgers, Murphy clicked his performance at the plate up multiple notches by hitting a home run in all four games. Combined with his home runs in the final two games against the Dodgers, Murphy is on an unprecedented streak: he's the first player in MLB postseason history to hit a home run in six consecutive games and additionally, has set a Mets franchise record with seven home runs in one postseason.

Make no mistake about it, the Mets' NLCS sweep over the Cubs was a team effort from start to finish. The starting pitching was outstanding in all four games, Jeurys Familia locked down the 9th inning just like he has all season, and the offense beat up on Cubs pitching (particularly impressive was the way they ambushed Jake Arrieta in game two).

All that said, Murphy had himself a legendary four game series. Hopefully for the Mets' sake he can extend this run of dominance a few more games! Check out all seven of his postseason home runs below:

1st Home Run (NLDS Game 1, 10/9/2015 off Clayton Kershaw)

2nd Home Run (NLDS Game 4, 10/13/2015 off Clayton Kershaw)

3rd Home Run (NLDS Game 5, 10/15/2015 off Zack Greinke)

4th Home Run (NLCS Game 1, 10/17/2015 off Jon Lester)

5th Home Run (NLCS Game 2, 10/18/2015 off Jake Arrieta)

6th Home Run (NLCS Game 3, 10/20/2015 off Kyle Hendricks)

7th Home Run (NLCS Game 4, 10/21/2015 off Fernando Rodney)

All of the home runs in one Vine: