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Congressman Adam Schiff sings "Meet the Mets" on the House floor after losing a bet

Hooray, C-SPAN is interesting for once!

Flipping through the cable channels as a youth, I often recall inevitably passing by C-SPAN and would continue flipping most of the time. Every once in a while, however, I'd stop and actually watch it for more than a second, oftentimes because if I looked quickly at the screen, the name C-SPAN looked vaguely similar to ESPN. A few seconds of digestion would tell me that "oh, this is not sports" and I'd keep going anyway.

Well, we can now report that C-SPAN and sports have finally come together in this video! That is Congressman Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, singing the Mets' theme song "Meet the Mets" on the House floor. Congressman Schiff bet New York Congressman Steve Israel on the outcome of the Mets vs. Dodgers series and clearly, he lost. I would surmise that the viewers of C-SPAN also lost by having to hear this rendition but hey, it was probably the most exciting thing to happen on the channel in a long time, so we'll cut him a little slack.