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This 2015 Mets highlight reel from MLB Network will hit you right in the feels

Oh, it's so good.

A magical ride for the 2015 Mets continues on Tuesday, when they open up the World Series against an undetermined American League team, either the Kansas City Royals or the Toronto Blue Jays. Whoever the Mets play and however the Mets do in those four to seven games, you can't take away just how magical the 2015 season has been for our club from Queens. Exactly how magical has it been, you might ask?

We'll let you be the judge with this video from MLB Network, which frankly might make you cry real tears like Wilmer Flores did on July 29th! Right from that point on, the Mets embarked on a wild trip. They drove a dagger straight through the hearts of the Washington Nationals with sweeps in August and September, clinched the National League East title against the Reds in late September, and haven't stopped rolling throughout the playoffs despite the best efforts of the Dodgers and Cubs.

It's been a lot of fun and we can only hope there are more days of 2015 fun ahead.