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Billy Joel plays "Meet the Mets" during October 21 show at Madison Square Garden

Everybody loves the Mets these days, even the Piano Man!

After so many years of experience, the Piano Man knows how to cater to his audience and put them into a New York State of Mind. While the Mets were acting like a Big Shot, in the midst of sweeping away the Cubs for the National League pennant on Wednesday night, Billy Joel was playing a show in front of a packed crowd at Madison Square Garden on his Baby Grand. Knowing how many fans were likely in his audience and missing this crucial game of the series, The Entertainer broke into a rendition of Meet the Mets while some of the game played on the MSG scoreboard.

Of course, Mets fans remember when Joel performed the final concerts at Shea Stadium, entitled "Last Play at Shea" back in 2008, as they were Movin' Out to Citi Field. In all Honesty, I'm under Pressure to get as many Billy Joel references in here as possible, so excuse my Shameless extending of this piece. After all, from Billy, I've learned that You're Only Human. And so it goes.

And so it goes.