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The Mets are aggressive at the plate with a full count

Four Mets hitters are in the top 10 for swinging at out-of-zone pitches with full counts.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to hitting, Mets hitters tend to take a patient approach at the plate. The team values players that take walks and show an ability to get on base. However, at Fangraphs, August Fagerstrom did an analysis of the Mets' approach at the plate that shows they become very aggressive when the count runs full.

He found that in 2015, four of the top 10 rates for swinging at pitches out of the strike zone with a full count belong to Mets players. Daniel Murphy led the way for the Mets in the fourth spot with a 79% rate. He is immediately followed Juan Lagares and Wilmer Flores, who posted rates of 78% and 76%, respectively. Finally, Yoenis Cespedes came in tenth with a rate of 72%. Despite the Mets' generally patient approach at the plate, Murphy, Lagares, Flores, and Cespedes are more the free-swinging type. As they seldom draw walks, it's not too surprising to see them land on this leaderboard. And while the Mets do have some very patient hitters like Curtis Granderson and Lucas Duda, the team still ranked eighth for highest rate of swinging at out-of-zone pitches with a full count.

Fagerstrom noted that this quality is not necessarily a bad one. Cespedes is a very good hitter despite his aggressive approach, and Daniel Murphy has had an all-time great postseason. However, it is something that bears watching to see if it could be exploited by the Royals' pitching staff.