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2015 World Series umpires announced

We knew the players. We now know the final six men on the field (and the one in the replay room).

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hopefully, we won't care about the umpires after the World Series, but there's a chance that one of these men could live in infamy, like Don Dekinger does in Missouri, 30 years after his call.

Gary Cederstrom has been an MLB umpire for 21 years. He worked the 2005 and 2011 World Series, and was the crew chief for the Mets' NLDS series against the Dodgers, working behind the plate for the fifth and deciding game. He was also the home plate umpire for this Mets classic:

Bill Welke's first year as a major league umpire was 1999. It's his first World Series, after having been in the NLCS last year.

Mike Winters is in his 25th season as an MLB umpire. It's his fourth World Series assignment (2002, 2006, 2010). He's one of the most accomplished umpires on the crew, having done three All-Star Games, nine division series, and five league championship series before 2015.

Jim Wolf (first year: 2004) also did the Mets-Dodgers series. He was at home plate for Game 2 in Los Angeles.

Alfonzo Marquez (1999) was behind the plate for a crazy game against the Phillies in April, which featured a questionable catcher's interference call. It's his third World Series (2006, 2011).

Mike Everitt (1999) is in his third World Series (2007, 2009).

Mark Carlson (1999) is working his first career World Series.