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Misch-ion accomplished: Ex-Mets lefty Pat Misch tosses no-hitter to win Game 7 of the Taiwan Series

We wouldn't blame you if you Misched the tenure of Mischter Pat Misch with the Mets but the lefty is still pitching (and pitching quite well!) in Taiwan.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

If you forgot about or maybe were never even familiar with the name Pat Misch, nobody would blame you. Make no Mischtake, we're not going to expect you to have fond memories of the lefthander who spent parts of three seasons with the Mets during the dark days of 2009-11 as an up-and-down arm. Still, we would be re-Misch if we didn't acknowledge what Pat did on Sunday – pitching in Game 7 of the Taiwan Series for the Lamingo Monkeys, Misch threw a no-hitter to win the championship for his club.

There was clearly che-Mischtry between Pat and his catcher, as the lefty threw just over 100 pitches and faced the minimum. The lone Mischtake was a 5th inning walk to Peng Cheng-min, who was soon erased on a double play. Talk about a Misched opportunity for the opposing Chinatrust Brothers! Just so there's no Mischunderstanding here, the Monkeys beat up on the Brothers 11-0 and Misch was carried around on his teammates backs in a celebration un-Mischtakably different from what we see in Major League Baseball.

From 2009-11, Misch tossed 103.2 innings for the Mets with a 4.43 ERA. He made 40 appearances, 13 of them starts, and hasn't pitched in the majors since 2011. We tip our caps to you, Pat Misch! It's always great to hear about the successes of Mischellaneous players from the Mets' past.