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Mets Morning News: The Mets are playing in the World Series tonight!

Your dose of World Series news, notes, and links.

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Meet the Mets

Yoenis Cespedes said that his shoulder is 110% healthy, and that he's very glad he didn't have to lop it off. Cespedes did, however, confide that he's still going to play golf this week.

The Mets pitching staff all carry themselves well, aren't easily rattled, and are just enjoying the ride wrote Anthony McCarron.

Tara Sullivan noted that this is the start of an era to be remembered for the Mets and Matt Harvey, and that Harvey's attitude will continue to carry the club.

Terry Collins' change in demeanor is one of the big reasons the Mets have succeeded, wrote Mark Tompkin of the Tampa Bay Times.

David Wright finally makes his way to the promised land tonight, in what is sure to be a sweet evening for the Mets' captain.

Owen Watson looked at how much the long layoff should actually impact the Mets.

David Lennon suggested that Matt Harvey has redeemed himself in the way that only athletes know how, their performance.

The Mets debts are being helped out by their playoff run, reports analysts at Moody's, where the bonds are held.

One oft-forgotten Mets official, PR guru Jay Horwitz, is also chasing another ring.

Zack Wheeler, the odd man out, is already looking forward to getting back to the World Series with the Mets next year.

The Mets held a pep rally in Queens, where fans showed their enthusiasm.

Around the Playoffs

Ted Berg noted that in the era of strikeouts, the Royals are an outlier.

Grantland looked at some keys to victory for each team.

Around the Majors

Don Mattingly has reportedly interviewed for the Marlins' vacant managerial position.

Torii Hunter announced his retirement, after a stellar nineteen year career.

Domonic Brown officially became a free agent, after he passed through waivers.

Yesterday at AA

Colby Conetta looked back at the last time the Mets played in Kansas City.

Matt Varvaro chose World Series lineups for his mind boggler this week.

Scot Cohen discussed whether or not Matt Harvey was the correct choice to start Game 1.

Chris McShane announced there would be an AARGH for Game 1.

Kate Feldman reminisced on being a Mets fan from Florida.

Jeremy Binckes looked at Jeurys Familia and the nastiness factor.

Nathan Gismot reminded us that every time the Mets play, it brings another story into our lives.

Jeffrey and Greg previewed the World Series on the podcast!

Chris Schubert noted that the Mets' infield defense could pose problems against the Royals.

This Date in Mets History

The New York Mets won the 1986 World Series on this day. They will continue their pursuit of another tonight.

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