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Amazin' Avenue Community World Series Predictions

Let's see how spot-on we can predict this World Series.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tonight, it begins: the Mets are playing in their first World Series since 2000. Somewhere, deep down, we all hope/think that the Mets will sweep the Royals, outscoring them 100-0, with each pitcher doing his best Steve Nebraska impression. But let's put those fantasies to bed for now—what do we realistically think the series will look like?

We want to know what the Amazin' Avenue community expects for this series, both in terms of how many games it will last, who will win it, and who the World Series MVP will be. Will Daniel Murphy continue to hit like Babe Ruth? Will Yoenis Cespedes hit like he did in August? Will Wilmer Flores fulfill his destiny as World Series hero? Or, have the Mets damaged you so severely over the past nine years that you've given up hope all together?

Either way, please take our poll below, and then sound off in the comments on who you think will be taking home the weird, spiral-staircase-with-a-flag-wrapped-around-it trophy.