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World Series: Mets-Royals tickets, especially at Citi Field, are mighty expensive

Trying to catch a World Series game at Citi Field will cost you a pretty penny, and possibly your rent check to boot.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It costs money to see live sporting events at the highest level. Normally during the regular season you could snag some upper level tickets at Citi Field for around $30-$40 and enjoy some Mets baseball. The World Series games that will be played at Citi Field will cost just a little bit more than that.

Data collected by show that ticket prices for the games at Citi Field are running higher than those in Kansas City. Game 5 in Citi Field is going for almost triple the amount of Game 2 tonight in KC.

Here are some of the averages for sales that were completed on Monday:

Game 1: $544.34; Game 2: $504.90; Game 3: $1,033.93; Game 4: $1,192.83; Game 5: $1,645.43; Game 6: $878.87; Game 7: $873.

All three games at Citi Field on average are a going for a higher price than those at Kauffman Stadium. Part of it could be that the Mets haven't been to the World Series since 2000, while K.C. was there last year. Or it could just be because New York is a much larger media market than Kansas City. Whatever it is, you'll be forking over your rent money if you plan to see the Mets play baseball in person again in 2015.