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Mets' Jacob deGrom plans to cut his hair after the season

Could the luscious locks be on their final days? #hairwego

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard this before. Back in August, Jacob deGrom told the New York Times that he was considering cutting his hair.

Before it is over, though, deGrom checks to see how he looks with a hat on. Not because he is worried about being noticed and mobbed off the field; he simply wants to keep his hair out of his face. At times, it drives him crazy. When he tosses and turns too much in his sleep, his hair wakes him. On the mound, he often has to brush away loose strands. Without a hat, it can be unruly.

"I might cut it at the end of the year," he said recently.

Now with the Mets in the World Series and the offseason, good or bad, within shouting distance, deGrom has indeed decided to trim his tremendous tresses.

And here's video of deGrom confirming it.

It's okay though. We will always have the deGrom hairitage shirts for our keepsake. #hairwego

Source: MLB Shop

And it's never too late to carve your own Jacob-o-lantern for Halloween: