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Mets World Series Game 2 AARGH

Last night's game didn't go so well, but we'll be back out for Game 2.

The Mets lost a tough game last night to open the World Series, and to those of you who joined at Blarney Rock last night, we still enjoyed your company. In fact, we'll do it again tonight, with the Game 2 Amazin' Avenue Regional Gathering Here, and we're feeling pretty good about the team evening up the series and coming back to Queens tied at one game apiece.

The details, as per usual:

Blarney Rock
137 W 33rd Street, Manhattan

The game audio will be on, naturally. If you've come out to the previous playoff AARGHs, you know that this is your opportunity to talk about MS Paintz or chant "TRAID" or pretty much any other Amazin' Avenue meme.