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Eleven teams have won the World Series after being down 2-0

This is not an ideal situation, but let's not throw in the towel just yet.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was not a good night. Neither was the night before. No one wanted the Mets to come back to Citi Field down 2-0—well, except for the Royals and their fans—and last night's defeat was about as demoralizing as it gets. The offense was non-existent, Jacob deGrom wasn't hitting his spots, and Johnny Cueto convinced the Mets he was 2011 Johnny Cueto again.

But the Mets aren't the first team to be down 2-0 in the World Series, nor would they be the first team to win the World Series after starting down 2-0. Hell, it wouldn't be the first time the Mets started out down 2-0 and won the World Series.

Eleven teams have won the World Series after being down 2-0, and seven of those teams started down 2-0 on the road. Call it the plucky New York spirit or, to paraphrase The Leftovers, 'a matter of geography,' but New York teams have historically done this better than anyone else. Seven teams from the Empire State have come back from a 2-0 deficit: 1921 Giants, 1955 Dodgers, 1956 Yankees, 1958 Yankees, 1978 Yankees, 1986 Mets, 1996 Yankees. Coincidentally, the Los Angeles Dodgers have done it twice, as well, and they originated in New York.

Most notable on this list, obviously, is the 1986 Mets. It is hard to remember this now, but the '86 Mets were in even worse shape than the 2015 club at this point. In fact, the series looks pretty similar through Game 2. The Mets lost a nail biter in Game 1 and then were blown out 9-3 in Game 2, with their young ace, Dwight Gooden, getting hit hard. The Mets lost these game at Shea Stadium and had to go to Fenway Park, knowing they needed to take two of three on the road just to survive.

The Mets are in a tough spot, but they've been there before. And their Game 3 starter throws over 100 miles per hour.