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Mets injury update: Steven Matz receives injection for upper back soreness

The rookie's status for the playoffs is still up in the air.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie starting pitcher Steven Matz, who has been dealing with back pain since being scratched from his start on Tuesday, received an injection in order to relax the muscles in his back. The Mets are still hoping that the back issue will clear up in time for the division series against the Dodgers, but Matz will have to prove his health.

The deadline for that would be Wednesday. He would need to an instructional league game, throwing 90 to 100 pitches. If he's unable to do that, he would not make the Mets' NLDS roster, and Bartolo Colon would likely take his place as the Mets' Game 4 starter.

Since making his major league debut, Matz has dealt with a series of injuries that have affected his ability to stay on the field. First, he suffered a lat muscle tear that forced him out for a significant period, then he dealt with a blister, and now this back issue. However, he has been largely excellent in his limited number of innings, with a 2.27 ERA in 35.2 innings.