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Mets legend Mike Piazza appears on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Mike Piazza was on Seth Meyers' show Wednesday night and talked about the 2015 Mets, how Al Leiter sucked, and giving Tums to an umpire.

Adam Hunger/Getty Images

After the Mets' game two loss to the Royals on Wednesday night, I was feeling kind of down. That's how you feel when you watch your team get bludgeoned in the World Series and fall down two games to none in the series. That was my feeling until, by chance, I happened to catch that Mike Piazza would be on Late Night with Seth Meyers. After the loss, it was great to see the smiling face of the legendary Mets catcher on my television.

Piazza didn't disappoint in his guest spot with Meyers, joking about how he's morphed into an irrational fan screaming at the tv like the rest of us. He also mentioned the time when, during a poorly pitched game, he told Al Leiter that "he sucked" when going out to the mound to give advice. And finally, there was the story of the poor umpire who must've been having digestive issues because Piazza came back with some Tums for him before an inning. Ouch.

Here's a clip from Piazza's appearance: