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Meet the Mets: Rhapsody in Orange and Blue, arrangement by Sarah Davis Buechner

Sarah Davis Buechner's arrangement of Meet the Mets, entitled "Rhapsody in Orange and Blue", is blowing up across the internet and with good reason.

The video above is of Sarah Davis Buechner, who created this outstanding arrangement of Meet the Mets infused with a little of George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. If you're unfamiliar with Rhapsody in Blue or are unsure if you've heard it, Mets fans will probably instantly recognize it from the many United Airlines commercials that have aired during games on SNY the past few years. Rhapsody in Blue is a nearly twenty minute-long masterpiece fusing elements of classical music and jazz together and though Buechner's version is much shorter, it borrows a number of those key elements from Gershwin's famed original.

Most recently, Rhapsody in Orange and Blue was featured during Steve Somers' monologue on WFAN and was one of nine nominees for Mets playoff anthem in the New York Post. Additionally, Sarah was featured on MLB Network's Intentional Talk tonight. I don't know about you but this arrangement has me pumped up for tonight's game but I'm also just a big fan of Rhapsody in Blue. Let's go Mets!