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The best Mets Halloween costumes we could find in a quick Twitter search

Today is Halloween and tonight, the Mets play game four of the World Series! We found some of the best Mets Halloween Costumes we could find in a reasonably short amount of time.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween, Mets fans! Hopefully you spend today eating way too much candy, running around your neighborhood dressed up as somebody or something that's way cooler than you are, subsequently throwing up from all that eating and running soon after, and watching the Mets win game four of the World Series tonight! To celebrate this excellent, sugar-filled holiday, we'd like to feature some of the best Mets Halloween costumes that we could find on the internet.

In a quick search of Twitter, these are some of the best photos we found! We found that there were a lot of Jacob deGrom pictures, for obvious reasons (because he has totally sweet hair, duh!!!). There were a number of other great ones and we're sure that we missed many and will miss many more posted throughout the day. Be sure to share your Mets Halloween costume pictures with us here in the comments below, at our Twitter, and on our Facebook page!

This young guy is our first of a number of Jacob deGroms and wow, that hair is outstanding! He doesn't look totally enthused but hey, maybe he had to go to the bathroom or something.

Here's the next Jacob deGrom and this one comes along with a picture of what we can only assume to be the famed Rally Parakeet (or maybe it's Little Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Byrdak's pet chicken from a few years back).

Everyone wants to be Jacob deGrom and this youngster wears it well! Also, youngster? Ugh, hard to believe it but I'm not 70 years old.

We take a break from the deGrom army and instead, have a pair of Mets kids. On the right is the Military Monday camouflage jersey and on the left, an all blue with a great pair of sunglasses on the cap. Extra points for wearing eye black in school where there's no sun!

Another deGrom but he's joined by his rotation mate Noah Syndergaard. I think Thor's hair needs to be a little longer but ehh, whatever. It's Halloween, we'll let it slide.

We've got our first Bartolo Colon and this Bartolo Colon is a bit more svelte than the real Bartolo Colon! The paper names and numbers on the back is grission personified.

Oh my, we've found our first Mr. Met costume and it's great! We appreciate the effort required in wearing that giant head all day.

This is a nice creative costume, going as the home run apple in center field! It's clearly homemade, the hat is brilliant, and it even has the band-aid from Travis d'Arnaud's home run!

Hey, even Mayor deBlasio and the First Lady of New York are getting in on the Mets Halloween action! Somebody needs to get the Mayor the right pants, though.

Oh, okay. Another Mr. Met but this one is taking a baseball bat to Chase Utley. Well...

Looks like that's Chase Utley there on the ground...

We're not going to advocate violence against Chase Utley but these costumes are certainly very creative and who are we to stifle creative Halloween costumes? Nobody, that's who! Great effort, Mets fans! (DISCLAIMER: we assume no real Chase Utleys were harmed in the making of these pictures or should be harmed in real life).