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Michael Conforto matches Gary Carter by hitting two home runs in a World Series Game 4

These creepy 1986 and 2015 World Series comparisons just keep on coming.

You want more freaky comparisons between the 1986 World Series and the 2015 World Series? We've shared a bunch of them and we've got one more for you! In Game Four of the 1986 World Series, Gary Carter hit two home runs for the Mets. Tonight for the 2015 Mets, Michael Conforto has launched two home runs of his own, as you most likely saw.

This is pretty weird, you guys. Of course, we also shared earlier tonight that Strat-o-Matic has almost perfectly predicted this 2015 World Series thus far. And we noted how history has lined up perfectly, as the '86 club lost Games 1 and 2 by the same number of runs as the 2015 club and then won Game 3 by the same number of runs as the Mets did yesterday.

Check out the video evidence of Kid going yard twice at Fenway Park on that day in '86 up above.