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Introductions: Getting to know the Amazin' Avenue community

Who are you and what are you doing in my comment thread?

Patrick Lux/Getty Images

We did this last year to great success, and with the playoffs looming for the first time in nearly a decade we thought it'd be a good opportunity for everyone in the Amazin' Avenue community to get to know one another a bit better. Game 1 of the NLDS against the Dodgers is on Friday, so I'd also expect to see lots of new faces around here eager to get in on the action. A couple of notes for everyone, but especially for folks who have yet to sign up for an account here but are hoping to participate in playoff GameThreads.

  1. Please read the Amazin' Avenue User Guide. Nearly everything you need to know about the community can be found there.
  2. Go sign up for an account RIGHT NOW. There's a 24-hour waiting period before you can comment, so if you wait to sign up until Friday you won't be able to comment until Game 2.

Many of you may know one another very well already, but for every active commenter there are a dozen or more lurkers who read the site regularly but don't participate for one reason or another. If you've been reluctant to get involved to this point, here's your chance to let your Amazin' Avenue brothers and sisters know who you are, and to get to know them as well.

Below is a list of quasi-personal but not especially intrusive questions for everyone to answer.

1. What is your first name?
2. Where do you live (e.g., state, city/state, country)?
3. Where are you from originally?
4. How did you become a Mets fan?
5. What do you do for a living?
6. When and how did you find Amazin' Avenue?
7. Who is your favorite historical Met and your favorite current Met?
8. What Met, past or present, do you dislike irrationally?
9. Who is your favorite band or musician?
10. What is your favorite book?
11. What is your favorite movie?
12. What is your favorite TV show, past and present?
13. What pets, if any, do you have?
14. What do you like to do for fun, non-baseball-related?
15. What's your favorite beer/wine/Scotch/beverage?

I encourage both regulars and newbies, prolific commenters and long-time lurkers, to participate. Please answer honestly and openly, and above all else have fun!