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How hard will NLDS tickets be to come by for the Mets-Dodgers series?

Buying Mets playoff tickets now is a pricey proposition.

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It's been nine years since Mets fans saw a playoff game, and they've never seen one at Citi Field. So it's no surprise that tickets are a bit harder to come by for what could be their only playoff game of the 2015 postseason.

The New York Daily News did some number crunching, and found that there were just north of 3,000 tickets on StubHub, the official re-seller of the Mets and Major League Baseball. And if you want to get in the door, you'll be paying at least $150 per ticket. Those tickets, according to StubHub, are standing room only.

Want a seat? The cheapest of those start at $175 apiece for tickets in the upper deck's outfield sections.

The cheap seats aren't too cheap, which means the expensive seats live up to their billing; lower bowl tickets begin at $215. And, if you really want to pay top dollar, you could shell out $10,000 to the seller with tickets in section 110 — or the same amount of money for standing room only tickets.

Maybe the better option would be to fly to Los Angeles. There, you could go to the first and second NLDS games for less than one game at Citi Field.