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Mets Playoffs: Mets aren't concerned about postseason inexperience

The Mets head into the postseason with a fairly young group of players, but that isn't something they are concerned about.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

When the Mets take the field on Friday in Los Angeles against the Dodgers, less than half of the starting nine will have had previous playoff experience. David Wright was around the last time the Mets made the playoffs in 2006. Curtis Granderson has played in 36 postseason games, including a World Series. There are some guys on the bench and in the bullpen that have experience, but the team is generally entering unfamiliar territory.

Wright and the veterans held a team meeting back in March, when those with playoff experience told the young guns what it was like.

"The meeting quickly turned into story time," Wright said. "You could see some of the younger players were all ears and interested to hear what it would be like.

"We wanted to let it be known the confidence we had in this team at spring training and that those were the expectations this year," Wright said of the veterans' message.

It was at that moment when Wright believed that this goal of making the postseason was more than just personal wishthinking.

"I could see how hungry and eager this team is, especially because we don't have much playoff experience in there," he said. "Every player wants to reach the playoffs. But for those who had never been there, that meeting might have given them something to hold on to and reach for, and now they've reached it."

Many of the Mets' regular season games, especially those against the Nationals in August and September, already had a playoff feel. So the team that takes the field on Friday, led by their captain, may already feel right at home.