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Mets playoffs: Juan Uribe will not be on NLDS roster

Juan Uribe has been dealing with a chest injury that hasn't gotten better with rest.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

During today's workout at Citi Field, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson spoke with the media and made it official that Juan Uribe will not be on the Mets NLDS roster. Uribe has been dealing with a chest injury that has kept him from playing.

Alderson did not rule out Uribe's return for future rounds, if the Mets are able to get that far. The question now is who will get that free roster spot.

With Kelly Johnson and Wilmer Flores on the roster, there isn't a dire need for another infielder. Johnson and Flores join Daniel Murphy and Ruben Tejada as infielders and that should be enough in case of emergencies.

The Mets could choose to add another outfielder. They have Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Conforto, Michael Cuddyer, Juan Lagares and Curtis Granderson already there. Kirk Nieuwenhuis is a useful player who can potentially replace Uribe. Nieuwenhuis would give the Mets another left-handed outfield bat with some pop, and a guy that could come in for defense late in games.

Whatever the decision is, the Mets only have to commit to it for one series as they could decided on a different group of 25 for the next round.