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2015 World Series odds: Mets' odds of winning it all

What are oddsmakers saying about the Mets' chances in the playoffs?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

With the Wild Card team set in each league (the Cubs in the NL, the Astros in the AL), new betting lines are now set for the NLDS. For the Mets-Dodgers series starting tomorrow night, the Dodgers are -200 (a bet of $100 returns $50 if the Dodgers win) while the Mets are +170 (a bet of $100 returns $170 if the Mets win). Oddsmakers are giving a clear edge to the Dodgers and their deadly pair of aces at the top of the rotation.

Additionally, odds have been updated for both the NL Championship Series and World Series. Here are the NL pennant odds:

Team Odds
St. Louis Cardinals 21/10
Chicago Cubs 11/4
Los Angeles Dodgers 11/4
New York Mets 13/4

The Mets come in at the bottom of the list with odds of just over 3-to-1. The Dodgers and Cubs have very slightly better chances of taking the pennant, while the Cardinals stand as the clear favorite. Given that the Mets had the worst record among the NL playoff teams, their relative odds shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Fangraphs actually projects the Dodgers as having the best chance to win the the National League Championship Series, followed by the Cubs and Cardinals. The Mets again bring up the rear.

Here are the odds for winning the World Series:

Team Odds
Toronto Blue Jays 3/1
St. Louis Cardinals 5/1
Chicago Cubs 11/2
Los Angeles Dodgers 11/2
Kansas City Royals 11/2
New York Mets 7/1
Houston Astros 17/2
Texas Rangers 12/1

The Blue Jays (a.k.a. the Poutine Mets) are the clear favorites, but the NL as a whole appears stronger than the AL. The Mets have significantly better odds than the Rangers and Astros but have an equally large gap on the other end to the Cubs, Dodgers, and Royals. Here, Fangraphs again favors the Dodgers more than the oddsmakers, picking them as the World Series favorites. The Mets, meanwhile, again have the sixth-best odds for the World Series by Fangraphs, tied with a depleted St. Louis squad and behind the Astros.