AAOP: Liquid Love

Welp… We came, we watched, we saw our team come oh so close to bringing home all the RINGZ. Other than finding comfort in the arms of a significant other, multiple cold brews certainly helped in getting down that bitter pill of defeat. Which is also my plan for the offseason. Keep them brews a flowing, but not just though my Marine liver (Semper BAC, Ya'll!). I took the time to take Jeffrey Von Silverspoon out for a one on one management year end recap lunch. Yeah, he thinks he's management.


Having also passed many a brew to Jeffy’s via his golden goblet, he has asked me to "fix Sandy’s mess!" Does he not realize I'm Sandy? Other than hurting my eyebrows from the violence of my eye roll, I said I would do what I could. I also kept the goblet full, which allowed me the opportunity to move to the party to an offsite location, which provided the perfect opportunity to get some pictures of Jeffy with that goat from Chicago. Hello, independence and job security.

Ah, beer. Helping me to a position to make some alterations to "Sandy’s mess", AKA the plan that was already in motion. As such, this hopped up version of the New York Meads, err, Mets will pay homage to the luxurious liquid and the ingredients that make it is what it is. Juanderful.

Wait, what? 120 Million!?!?! I guess almost anything can happen as 12 bread sodas slide over forked tongue via platinum chalice. Jeffy, you going to be ok? Naaaaaahhhh.


Firstly, let’s pour a little out of our cups for those who are free to seek other pastures.

Daniel Murphy – We love you. Take your Murphness and prosper elsewhere. Please let a QO as well.

Yoenis Cespedes – We love you. Take your BBQ and prosper elsewhere.

Kelly Johnson – You are so non-descript, I’m not sure that you were even on this team.

Juan Uribe – If only your every 5 year-idity came to fruition.

Bartolo Colon – We’ll miss everything about you. Spread yourself around the league some more.

Eric Young, Jr. – You can’t steal first base.

Carlos Torres – Well, you were thoroughly replacement level.

Buddy Carlyle – There is only room for one Buddy. And that’s my Buddy. My Buddy. My Buddy. Where ever I go, he goes…

Anthony Backend Stop – Mrs. Alderson is still pissed I let him go. Not sure why…

Jenrry Mejia – Released. Be free.


The base of the team is solid, much like the base of a fine IPA. The cast of characters that we’ll be keeping are as follows:

Position players Alphabetized!


Michael Conforto: He’s going to be a monster, I’ll tell you. A monster.


Michael Cuddyer: For the return, we’ll keep him. Plus, he’s good with kids.


Travis d’Arnaud: Sacrificing his body for the team. When healthy, he’s great, so let’s toast your good health.


Lucas Duda: Duda is starting to get expensive, but Duda still smash.


Wilmer Flores: Heart, Soul, Blood, Sweat, Tears, Inexpensive, Multidefensifal. He’s our mini-Zobrist, and possibly only shortstop.


Curtis Granderson: See, not such a bad signing after all, eh?


Dilson Herrera: The heir apparent to Murph. The Man, the Myth, the Pickle.


Juan Lagares: Too soon to cut bait on the lad. Hopefully he’ll heal up over the offseason and he’s cheap right now, so yeah, I want him on this team.


Ruben Tejada: Bones break, but Muscles only get bigger. And he wasn’t half bad last season.


David Wright: Capt. Americosis. May your back heal as well as your throwing.

Pitchers, Also Alphabetized!


Jake deGrom: deGlorious. Royalty with a robe of hops.


Jeurys Familia – Mi Familia!


Sean Gilmartin – Potential long man out of the pen who did a good job last year. Another no brainer.


Erik Goeddel – When I saw him with his new hair style, I thought we cloned deGrom. Plus he’s cheap and effective.


Matt Harvey: I wouldn’t trade him for all the gold in Gotham. Well, this year anyway.


Steven Matz: Matz/Mets, Mets/Matz.


Jonathan Niese: He’s getting long in the tooth, large in the salary and small in the nose. But he’s controllable, a second lefty for the rotation and with so many youngins, we’ll need to make sure we have an almost workhorse there. This option was a smart pickup.


Addison Reed – One year of control at 5.7 Million for someone who has decent stuff? Couldn’t risk declining this and then having all TEH relievers sign elsewhere.


Hansel Robles – Without Colon, who else is going to Roble Roble?


Noah Syndergaard: It’s his plate. And pretty soon this could be his team.


Zack Wheeler SP, DL, DDS, ASPCA, Etc. – Have you seen his truck?!?! Get well soon, Zack. We want to trade Niese come July so we’ll leave the light on for you.

All good IPAs need Hops. Specifically late addition hops. Adding hops to the early part of the brew provides our 2015 World Series results, AKA Bitterness. Adding hops to the very end of the process adds aroma and a floral aspect to your suds. Here are the late additions to the core listed above.


Denard Span (3 years, 39 Million) – Broken, Boras, last name that defines a distance… What’s not to like? Seriously! A very nice player (when healthy) that won’t break the bank and won’t clog up future expenditures too much, considering how costly that SP is going to be to retain in a couple years. Can be complimented with Juan player quite nicely and provides that top of the order presence this team needs. wRC+’s of 96, 117 and 120 the past 3 years. If these trends continue…


Antonio Bastardo (3 years, 21 million) – GET IN MY BELLY! Hate to pay too much on BP pieces, but a proven lefty pitcher that isn’t just a LOOGY is needed here. He is better when slated against lefties, but Righties certainly didn’t give him the EOF treatment.


Juan Uribe (2 years, 12 million) – Those shirts, those stogies, and that need for something better than replacement level for 3B. Depth costs, but depth is needed. The Mets are one Molly Beers stumble away from needing someone to man the hot corner for more than 1-2 times a week. Let’s not mess around here.


Jerry Blevins (1 year, 2 Million) – Curb your enthusiasm. Wait! Don’t do that. Uncurb your enthusiasm! He’s back.


Geovany Soto (1 year, 2 million) – Plawecki needs development. And after Plawecki, you can hear the echo of your "Who’s next" in the cavern of backup catchers. Also, how else can we build up his stock to foster plans of him being a piece in acquiring North Correa? Soto gives respite to d’Arnaud and some pop from the C spot.

If you need some ingredients and your brewing buddy down the street has some of what you need, the obvious path to follow is TRAIDZ!!!

Fortunately enough for us, we do have ALL THE INGREDIANTS!!! So, no TRAIDZ. At least, not until July.


The yeast is the special element that takes all the ingredients, and turns them into alcohol, err, makes us fan turn to alcohol, err, makes them play like a team. We’ve brought back the same strain from last year! Terry Safale S-05 Collins!

Starting Lineup Position Salary Bats
Denard Span CF $13,000,000 L
Curtis Granderson RF $16,000,000 L
David Wright 3B $20,000,000 R
Lucas Duda 1B $6,800,000 L
Travis d'Arnaud C $525,000 R
Michael Conforto LF $525,000 L
Wilmer Flores SS $525,000 R
Dilson Herrera 2B $520,000 R
Michael Cuddyer OF/1B $12,500,000 R
Ruben Tejada 2B/SS/3B $2,500,000 R
Juan Lagares CF $2,500,000 R
Geovany Soto C $2,000,000 R
Juan Uribe 2B/SS/3B $6,000,000 R
Total Position Players: $83,395,000
Rotation Position Salary Throws
Matt Harvey SP $4,700,000 R
Jake deGrom SP $550,000 R
Noah Syndergaard SP $525,000 R
Steven Matz SP $520,000 L
Jonathan Niese SP $9,050,000 L
Zack Wheeler DL $520,000 R
Jeurys Familia RP $3,300,000 R
Addison Reed RP $5,700,000 R
Erik Goeddel RP $520,000 R
Hansel Robles RP $520,000 R
Sean Gilmartin RP $520,000 L
Antonio Bastardo RP $7,000,000 L
Jerry Blevins RP $2,000,000 L
Total Pitching: $35,425,000
Total Mets: $118,820,000

This was fun. Apparently a little too much fun for some. I’m looking at you, Buddy!


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