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2015 Mets season review: Addison Reed

Acquired in late August, Reed pitched well for the Mets.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

As it became increasingly clear they would make the playoffs, the Mets traded for Addison Reed in late August in an attempt to bolster their bullpen. The 26-year-old had spent the past season-and-a-half with the Arizona Diamondbacks after the Chicago White Sox traded him there following the 2013 season, and the Mets gave up minor league pitchers Miller Diaz and Matt Koch to acquire him.

Over the course of his five-year career, Reed has pretty good strikeout and walk rates but has occasionally fallen victim to home runs, but not at an alarming rate. Still, he had a 4.20 ERA when the Mets traded for him, and he had lived in the mid-3 to low-4 range in single-season ERA in each of his four previous years in the big leagues.

With the Mets, however, Reed excelled. He pitched 15.1 innings over 17 appearances in the regular season, and he had a 1.17 ERA and 2.74 FIP in them. He threw 7 innings in the playoffs over 9 appearances, and things were going really well—one run in six-and-two-thirds innings—until he came in to pitch the twelfth inning of Game 5 of the World Series and allowed five runs, four of which were earned. That appearance brought him to a 6.43 ERA in the postseason, but it was hardly damning.

Given the way things ended in Game 5, it wouldn't be quite right to call his time with the Mets a resounding success, but Reed looked like a fully capable late-inning relief pitcher overall. His time with the Mets was relatively brief compared to the rest of his career, but at a projected $5.7 million salary in 2016 via arbitration, he seems like a good pitcher to keep around.