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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 159: Our Annual AAOPs

Jeffrey talks himself out of his AAOP, Greg is way too excited about Hansel Robles, Chris is sick or so he says.

Run Time: 42:23

It's time for your hosts Amazin' Avenue Audio Offseason Plans, but Chris McShane can't be bothered to defend his 2014 title (which he won by cheating). He claims he is sick or something, leaving Jeffrey and Greg to debate the merits of Hansel Robles, 8th inning guy versus Dexter Fowler, leadoff hitter. Next, we answer your e-mails on Jeremy Hefner, Marcell Ozuna, and once and future podcast legends. Finally, we end the show with Greg dropping some Irish soccer (?!) knowledge.

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And don't forget you can e-mail the show at, and we'll be back next week with...uh...well the Mets probably won't do anything, but we will think of something to talk about I guess.