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2016 Free agent profile: Rajai Davis

The 35-year-old right-handed outfielder is a free agent, but would he be a fit for the Mets?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Rajai Davis has been a major league regular since 2008, when the Athletics claimed him on waivers from the Giants. Since then, Davis has played for for Oakland, Toronto, and Detroit, and he has been a solid outfielder who is usually good for 20-plus stolen bases and high-single-digit home runs each season—and solid defense. While by no means a superstar, he has had a quality career thus far.

A career .269/.316/.387 hitter with a 91 wRC+, Davis is best suited for a platoon role. Now 35 years old, the right-handed hitter has a .296/.351/.448 line and a 118 wRC+ against left-handed pitching. The Mets already have an outfielder who profiles very similarly: Juan Lagares. Since the Mets are at said to be looking for a platoon partner for Lagares in center field, Davis would be redundant. Davis's base-stealing acumen would probably be his most desirable skill from the Mets' perspective, but he has seen his stolen base total drop from 45 to 36 to 18 over the past three seasons.

There were times in the past that Davis might have been a better fit for the Mets, as his speed, contact rate, and positional versatility in the outfield would have been appealing. But now, his handedness, age, and lessened speed probably mean the Mets should pass on Davis.