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Noah Syndergaard: 'I want to be a Met for life'

He wants to be a part of it, forever.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

In 2014, Noah Syndergaard was expecting to be in New York. Instead, he was stranded in Las Vegas, where he spent the full season. Now that he's a full-time member of the Mets' pitching staff, he's enjoying his first offseason as a New Yorker would.

"I want to be a Met for life," Syndergaard told the Daily News. “I love it here. I had some time after the season and I wanted to just experience all I could of it. I wanted to do things I couldn’t do in the season and I am having a lot of fun.”

He's already staked his claim to the Giants, Rangers, Islanders and Knicks. Here are some other New York institutions he should make part of his experience:

  • Trying to take a cab from Battery Park to JFK on a Friday night, because that's nearly impossible.
  • Having a drunken argument over international politics in a Long Island City dive bar, because why not?
  • Late-night run to Gray's Papaya, because the dude's gotta eat.
  • Balcony tickets to Hamilton on Broadway, because it's really important to be part of the rich cultural history of theater in the city, as well as learn about one of the pioneers in American history.

Any other suggestions we're missing?