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Mets release 2016 spring training schedule

The Mets will play their first spring training game on March 3, 2016.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

One hundred days until Mets baseball! The Mets will play the Nationals in their first spring training game of the 2016 season on Thursday, March 3, at 1:05 PM in Viera, Florida.

The team's first home game of the Grapefruit League season will take place the following afternoon, when the Mets host the Marlins at 1:10 PM in Port St. Lucie. In total, the 2015 National League Champions will play 29 spring training games, 14 of which will be played at Tradition Field. Some home games of note include the Mets hosting the Yankees on March 9, and the Red Sox on March 20. The Mets' last Grapefruit League game is scheduled to take place on March 30 at home against the Nationals.

After the team's most exciting season in years, the beginning of spring training cannot come soon enough. We would only have to wait 99 more days for Mets baseball, if not for that pesky Leap Day, but there is not much we can do about that.