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The Piazzas: Amazin' Avenue 2015 Mets Awards, Best Relief Pitcher

The Piazza for the Mets' best relief pitcher of 2015 goes to...

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

On Friday, Eric O'Flaherty "won" the Piazza for Worst Relief Pitcher, defeating Bobby Parnell and Jenrry Mejia in a blowout vote. Today, we award the Piazza for Best Relief Pitcher. Previous winners were Jeurys Familia in 2014 and Parnell in 2013. I have a strong guess how this vote will go.

Remember that postseason performance was also considered in the voting. The nominees for Best Relief Pitcher are:

Tyler Clippard: The longtime Nats reliever came over from the A's just before the July trade deadline. He got plenty of work during his two regular season months in Flushing, appearing in 32 games and pitching to a respectable 3.06 ERA. However, he did have a bit of a home run problem, allowing five longballs in 32.1 innings pitched. No surprise there; he's an extreme fly-ball pitcher. Clippard struggled in the postseason, allowing five runs in 6.2 innings pitched, tarnishing his resumé for this vote.

Jeurys Familia: Familia looked downright unhittable during long stretches of 2015, his second-straight fantastic season. He did it all -- tons of strikeouts and groundballs, few walks, and a bullpen-leading 78 innings pitched. On top of it, his entrance to Danza Kuduro is one of the most electric moments in all of sport. He was so dominant all season that I hate to bring up the devastating game-tying home run he surrendered to Alex Gordon in game one of the World Series. There might have been a drastically different outcome to the series if that didn't happen. Still, I'm happy he'll be on the Mets for years to come.

Sean Gilmartin: Gilmartin came in third place in the Best Rookie voting, and deservedly so. His 2.67 ERA in 57.1 innings pitched was supported by his peripherals, and he allowed just two home runs all season. He should have a home in the bullpen next season.

Erik Goeddel: Goeddel also received some down-ballot consideration for Best Rookie. He was effective in the 33.1 mostly low-leverage innings he pitched in 2015, tallying about a strikeout per inning. Let's just try to forget his disastrous appearance in the NLDS.

Addison Reed: The righty with a name straight out of Bushwood Country Club was acquired from the Diamondbacks just before the August trade deadline. In 15.2 regular season innings pitched with the Mets, he posted terrific strikeout, walk, and ground-ball rates, leading to a 1.17 ERA. Reed was a nice acquisition by Sandy Alderson and didn't cost much. He was useful in the postseason until game five of the World Series, during which he got torched in that unfortunate 12th inning. Reed should be back in 2015, despite a hefty-for-the-Mets price tag of about $5.8 million.

Hansel Robles: Robles was called up from Triple-A Las Vegas in April, following Jerry Blevins's injury. He was a pleasant surprise out of the 'pen, quick-pitching his way to a 3.67 ERA over 54 innings pitched. He racked up 61 strikeouts and improved as the season went on. Robles threw three perfect innings in the playoffs, including two in the World Series. We'll see him again in 2016.

And the Piazza for Best Relief Pitcher, in a unanimous vote, goes to...

Jeurys Familia! That's two years in a row now for Jeurys. His teammates mobbed him after the voting results were announced.

Here is how everyone voted:

1st 2nd 3rd
Aaron Yorke
Jeurys Familia Erik Goeddel
Tyler Clippard
Brian Salvatore
Jeurys Familia Sean Gilmartin
Addison Reed
Chris McShane
Jeurys Familia Erik Goeddel Tyler Clippard
Chris Strohmaier
Jeurys Familia Sean Gilmartin Addison Reed
Greg Karam
Jeurys Familia Erik Goeddel Sean Gilmartin
James Kannengieser
Jeurys Familia Sean Gilmartin Hansel Robles
Kevin Palermo
Jeurys Familia Sean Gilmartin Addison Reed
Matt Varvaro
Jeurys Familia Sean Gilmartin Erik Goeddel
Mike McCarty
Jeurys Familia Addison Reed
Erik Goeddel
Owen Condon
Jeurys Familia Addison Reed Tyler Clippard
Scot Cohen
Jeurys Familia Addison Reed Hansel Robles
Susan T.
Jeurys Familia Sean Gilmartin Hansel Robles

And here is the final vote tally, using a 3-2-1 points system:

Player Points
Jeurys Familia
Sean Gilmartin
Addison Reed
Erik Goeddel
Tyler Clippard
Hansel Robles

Now it's your turn to vote. We'll summarize the community awards in a post at the conclusion of The Piazzas.