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Mets' postseason shares set a record at $300k

Members of the Mets will be taking home a record haul for a World Series runner-up.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Members of the New York Mets' roster will be taking home over $300,000 in playoff shares, setting a record for the highest postseason share for a World Series runner-up.

The Mets allotted 44 full shares—worth $300,717.78 each—and 11.05 partial shares from their pool, totaling $16,771,715.82, plus 25 cash awards of unknown amounts. Postseason shares were determined by the players who were on the team during the entire season, each of whom was guaranteed a full share.

Playoff shares can be given to partial-season players and team officials, including security guards, clubhouse attendants, strength and conditioning coaches—the list goes on. While there's no limit to the number of shares—the Cubs, for example, gave out 60 full shares of over $122,000 each—more shares means a more diluted pool, which is determined by gate receipts from select postseason games. All teams in the postseason get a set percentage of postseason gate receipts.