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Re-live your favorite 2015 Mets moments with WOR's 3-part season rewind

Howie Rose, Josh Lewin, and Wayne Randazzo announce all the most important moments of the Mets' 2015 season in only the way that they can.

Chris Chambers/Getty Images

It's been a few days since the Mets fell to the Royals in World Series but we understand if you're still a little melancholy over the whole affair. That's why we're sharing this three-part season rewind that the Mets' radio station WOR put out just recently. I can guarantee that Howie Rose, Josh Lewin, and Wayne Randazzo's highlights of the entire season from Opening Day all the way through the World Series will put a smile on any Mets fan's face today.

Part 1 opens up at Nationals Park with the Mets' Opening Day victory over the Nationals, runs through the team's eleven game winning streak, multiple late-inning victories, and all the way up through the heart-breaking loss to the Padres when Justin Upton hit a three-run home run off of Jeurys Familia in the driving rain in between delays. That might not sound great but the juxtaposition of what comes next in Parts 2 and 3 is pretty rewarding.

Part 2 opens up with Wilmer Flores Day, followed by Yoenis Cespedes' debut, the Mets' beatdowns of the Rockies and Phillies, the two emotional sweeps of the Nationals, and ends with the Mets clinching the National League East and winning their 90th game.

And of course, Part 3 is the Mets' wild trip through the playoffs. You'll hear David Wright's big game one hit, Howie and Josh's call of the Ruben Tejada play, and Daniel Murphy's unconscious streak in the NLDS and NLCS, to go along with Howie's famous "Put It In The Books!" that ended the Division and Championship series.