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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 157: Your regularly scheduled programming

Normally we would have had all of October to get through this week's podcast topics. Change is good.

Run Time: 2:18:17

Normally by now on Amazin' Avenue Audio, we would have done a season review, an offseason preview, and some Rule 5 talk, but as you may have heard on podcasts like this one, the Mets spent all of October in the playoffs. So we have some catching up to do. First Jeffrey and Kate review the 2015 season one last time and discuss the Terry Collins extension. Next, Jeffrey and Brian look at some early roster moves and the Mets crop of free agents.Then, Jeffrey and Greg discuss Rule 5 protections and further 40-man roster machinations. Oh there's more, Jeffrey and Lukas preview the Mets offseason and discuss the *sigh* shortstop situation. Finally, Jeffrey and Milo answer your e-mails until Jeffrey finally has to cry 'uncle.'

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And don't forget you can e-mail the show at, and we'll be back next week with your AAA AAOP extravaganza.