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Denard Span, Gerardo Parra, Will Venable still on Mets' radar

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The Mets are still interested in finding a platoon partner for Juan Lagares.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Having acquired Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera, the Mets remain interested in finding a center fielder who can hit right-handed pitching, according to Marc Carig, with Denard Span, Gerardo Parra, and Will Venable on the team's radar. Carig writes that the Mets might be willing to accept to risk of a multi-year deal to sign such a player.

The Mets understandably would like to reduce Lagares's workload next season while still giving him regular playing time. With fairly pronounced splits in 2015—he had a .771 OPS against left-handed pitchers and a .599 against right-handed pitchers—the 26-year-old would be an ideal candidate for a platoon.

In 2015, Parra had an .809 OPS against right-handed pitchers, and he has a .767 OPS against them in his career. He has reportedly received three-year offers but is holding out for a four-year contract.

Span fared even better with an .880 OPS against them in 2015, though his career .760 OPS is similar to Parra's. Whether or not he can get a multi-year deal probably has to do with concerns about his health.

Venable, who spent his entire career with the Padres until they traded him to the Rangers during the 2015 season, had a .710 OPS against righties this year and has a .745 OPS against them in his career.