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Cubs sign Jason Heyward

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Heyward flees St. Louis for Chicago.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs have reportedly won the bidding for outfielder Jason Heyward. Official terms of the deal are not yet known, but it's believed to be for eight years and $185 million or so. The Cardinals and Nationals were also pursuing Heyward, who played in St. Louis last season.

Heyward is a three-time Gold Glove winner. He hit .293/.359/.439 with the Cardinals in 2015 and has a career batting line of .268/.353/.431. Those numbers might not seem spectacular, but Heyward is an excellent fielder and baserunner and is expected to play center field for the Cubs, where his bat will stand out far better relative to his peers.

Heyward is the second free agent the Cubs have signed after bidding wars with the Cardinals. Right-handed pitcher John Lackey recently turned down a qualifying offer and signed a two-year deal with the Cubs. More recently, the Cubs outbid the Mets for Ben Zobrist, after which the Mets traded for Neil Walker to fill their hole at second base.