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WeFollowLucasDuda Instagram account visits the Today Show

Curtis Granderson's Instagram account is following Lucas Duda all the way to the Today Show!

Duda hanging out at the @TodayShow with @mr_met

A video posted by Lucas Duda (@wefollowlucasduda) on

Even in the offseason and even with a cast on his surgically repaired hand, Curtis Granderson continues to follow around his Mets teammates Lucas Duda. No, no the actual Lucas Duda. He's following Duda around in Lego form. In the video posted above to the account, Curtis and Lucas visit the Today Show and it appears Lego Lucas is a little bashful in front of the camera (what else is new?).

2015 was a great year for the Mets and even with the team's World Series run, We Follow Lucas Duda might be one of the best developments to come from this season.