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Mets Morning News: Everything on the internet is true, even Michael Cuddyer retirement rumors!

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Your Saturday morning dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

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Meet the Mets

Thanks to a mistake made on the transactions page that was discovered by some eagle-eyed people on Twitter, it was revealed that Michael Cuddyer is retiring. How could this news alter the Mets' offseason strategy now that they have extra cash to play with? The Post says the Mets should turn that money into Yoenis Cespedes. This Mets fan agrees.

Asdrubal Cabrera officially signed his two-year contract with the Mets yesterday. That's cool!

If Cespedes does go elsewhere, how can the Mets fill the void his power bat will create?

Jacob deGrom isn't worried about the offense because the key to the Mets' team is still in place.

On Tumblr, the Mets shared 12 of their players with the most interesting post-baseball careers. They also have a history of the club's uniforms.

Around the NL East

A rebuilt Nationals bullpen will feature Shawn Kelley, Yusmeiro Petit, and Trevor Gott.

With Ken Giles gone, who do Phillies fans pick as their new favorite player? Maikel Franco seems like a pretty easy choice.

The Winter Meetings were lucrative for the Braves farm system, which added incredible talent from the Diamondbacks.

Despite rumors surrounding Jose Fernandez and Marcell Ozuna, the Marlins were quiet at the Winter Meetings.

Around the Majors

Jason Heyward signed a lucrative 8-year deal with the Cubs, which contains not one but two opt-outs.

With the Winter Meetings having wrapped up on Thursday, here are some of the pertinent stats to know.

The autopsy of former Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson shows that a combination of cocaine and alcohol caused his death.

This Date In Mets History

The Mets shipped out Rusty Staub and brought in Kevin McReynolds and Jose Valentin.

Yesterday At AA

Curtis Granderson brought Lego Lucas Duda to the Today Show and recorded it on the We Follow Lucas Duda Instagram account.

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